Fabric Features & Care Chart

Ideal for travelling!
You can pack and flatten most of our sun hats into your suitcase or backpack and they simply bounce back on arrival. 

Material Type Material & Fibre Detail UPF50+ Travel Friendly Crush Resistant Hand Washable, Colourfast Spot Clean Hard-wearing, Durable Handle With Love
Polyester Braid
Flexibraid™ is an innovative fabric unique to House of Ord - Cape Town. It is colourfast, washable, packable and so lightweight you'll forget you're wearing a hat!
Polyester Knit
The tight knit of the Polyester materials create a soft, supple hat that is easy to wear and can be washed by hand in cold water. The material is also colourfast.
Threads of durable Polyester fibre are woven together to form a braid, and then stitched together to create the Polybraid hat. Crush-resistant, breathable and ideal for travel.
Natural Fibre
Reeds & Grasses
Reeds and grasses are renewably harvested and dyed before being woven into a braid. This braid is then stitched together to create the hat. 
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Madagascan Raffia
Beautifully crafted from the finest sustainably harvested Madagascan Raffia material. Each piece is handwoven and crafted by skilled artisans, which makes our Raffia hats not only stylish but also unique. **
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** In order to achieve UPF50+, a lining may be necessary. Styles with short brims, and visors, are not UPF rated and we therefore do not promote them as such.

How to wash & pack: Hand washable and Crush-resistant

  • Select styles are hand washable, and can be shaped with ease while drying
  • We recommend you hand wash your hat in cold water using a mild liquid hand soap to clean the dirty area
  • To dry, air dry outside or use a hairdryer on a cool setting to dry and shape your hat
  • These sun hat styles are durable, crush-resistant and ideal for travel 
  • Hand washable fabrics can get wet without damage to the weave, making them ideal for travel!
  • To pack these styles, push the crown of the hat straight down to flatten out the hat. Lay flat in your suitcase so that it won't get folded or creased 
  • Gently steam your hat to remove any creases or wrinkles


    How to clean & pack: Spot clean only and natural fibres

    • Generally; handwoven Raffia, Natural Fibre and non-colourfast styles should be spot cleaned without submerging in water
    • We recommend you spot clean the dirty area with a wet wipe, or a damp cloth only
    • Handle with care when packing, these hats are not crushable. Although their natural materials are durable, spot cleaning and handling with care ensures they last even longer and keep their stylish shape
    • To pack these styles, pack your clothes around the edges of your case leaving the middle of your case free for your hat. Place your hat upside down inside your case, and put scarves and other soft accessories inside the hat
    • Gently steam your hat to remove any creases or wrinkles
    • View some packing examples here on our Pinterest board


        Please refer to the swing tag or above fabric features and care chart if you're unsure, or contact us for more info on your sun hat.